Transfigured World: Design, Theme, and Symbol in Worship (Digges)

Arouca Press

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Today there is a growing eagerness to enter into a deeper knowledge of the Mass, the sacraments and the whole life of the Church. A particularly rewarding insight comes from a penetration of the actual words, gestures and symbols used in worship. "The Church wants us to stop and look and be enriched by the glories she presents for our contemplation," writes Sister Laurentia. "The liturgy is God's art. For his material he uses our familiar earth, air, fire and water. In this manner our world undergoes a revelation, an epiphany-it becomes a transfigured world."

More importantly, God shapes and uses these materials in order to transfigure man. Through the sacramental power of the liturgy, God comes down to man, and lifts man up to Him; to a sharing in His divine life. In order to gain an insight into the wonders of God's transfigured world, Sister Laurentia examines the relationship of art to the liturgy, and the structure of the liturgy itself. The result is an inspiring, readable book that will give the reader a deeper understanding of the beauty and meaning of worship.

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