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The Irish Way

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Edited by F. J. Sheed

The Irish Way, edited by F. J. Sheed, one of the pre-eminent Christian intellectuals of the twentieth century, looks at the lives and legacies of eighteen great Roman Catholics of Ireland. Under Sheed’s sure-handed editorial guidance, the essays collected in this volume combine to show what Catholicism is in the Irish people. These studies are not truncated biographies but portraits whose subjects were simply—in the words of Sheed—“good Catholics, who were Irish, from whom, therefore, something might be learnt of Irish Catholicity.”

Every nation has its own way of being Catholic, for the life of the Faith does not destroy the natural life and take its place, but elevates the natural life to a new level of activity.… And so in Ireland. Of the people in this book, not one could possibly be anything but Irish.”  F. J. Sheed

From Saint Patrick to Matt Talbot, from Theobald Mathew to Margaret Mary Hallahan, all the men and women in this book served the Church faithfully and with great zeal. The contributors to The Irish Way include such luminaries of twentieth-century Irish-Catholic letters as Alice Curtayne, Vincent McNabb, O.P., Philip Hughes, and F. J. Sheed himself.

Paperback: 328pp.

ISBN: 978-1952826528

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