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Robin Hood

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By Henry Gilbert

Robin Hood: A household name, that robber of the rich and protector of the poor in old England. But no common man was he, and those told and re-told tales of his life are shown as uncommon triumphs of justice and right in this rich telling by Henry Gilbert. The familiar episodes and characters are all here: Little John and the duel on the narrow bridge; the Sheriff of Nottingham and and the contest for the Golden Arrow; Maid Marian and her love for the outlaw Robin Hood. But this account of Robin Hood brings Robin and his band of Merry Men to life as never before, with their courage and strength in battle matched only by their generous loyalty and love for friend, king, and God. Meet Robin Hood in the midst of all the beauty and tragedy of twelfth-century England, where faith grapples with greed and justice wars against oppression. Gilbert’s tactile and touching tale of one man’s fight for justice shows why the tale of Robin Hood lives on and is worth hearing again and again—because Robin Hood’s love for justice and right is one worth making our own.

“He robs the rich and the proud who themselves have robbed to glut their greed and their pride; but he giveth aid and comfort to the poor, and that seemeth to be no man’s desire to do. I will gladly see this man, and by the favor of heaven I will make him my friend.” 

Henry Gilbert (1868–1937) was a popular author of children’s literature, including King Arthur’s Knights: The Tales Retold for Boys and Girls and The Book of Pirates, as well as his enduring telling of the tale of Robin Hood.

Paperback: 314pp.

ISBN: 978-1944418021

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