Deluxe Mother and Child Christmas Card

The Cenacle Press at Silverstream Priory

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Designed by the monks of Silverstream Priory, these deluxe Christmas cards are printed on speciality 300 gsm Conqueror Contour cream paper and feature a watercolour painting by one of the monks. These square cards measure 150 x 150 mm and come with a white envelope of proportional size.

On the left inside of the card, a text from Mother Mectilde of the Blessed Sacrament (1614-1698) reads:

O love! O love! O love! Who can ever grasp that love had the power to bring down God onto some hay in a stable? Oh! Divine intoxication which made God forget His greatness in order to come to dwell with you!

The Christmas greeting on the right inside of the card is:

May He Whose Face all the earth desires to see fill you with peace & joy this Christmastide.

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