Words of Life on the Margin of the Missal (Marmion)

Words of Life on the Margin of the Missal (Marmion)

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Containing reflections for each day of the liturgical year both in its temporal and sanctoral cycle, Words of Life on the Margin of the Missal is a collection of Blessed Columba Marmion's writings edited by Dom Raymond Thibaut. While many of the selections would be familiar to readers of Marmion's major works, Christ the Life of the Soul, Christ in His Mysteries, and Christ the Ideal of the Monk, many are also taken from less familiar works such as his letters, liturgical articles, and conferences. This collection of writings from a master of the spiritual life is a veritable treasure trove for anyone seeking to deepen their participation in the Church's liturgy, develop their spiritual life, and grow in holiness.


The republication of this book is long overdue. Blessed Columba Marmion had a remarkable love of sacred liturgy that was unusual for the time. No matter what the subject, Marmion always looked to the prayers of the Roman liturgy as sources of truth, wisdom, and inspiration, and thus all of his writings reflect a love of God refined in the crucible of liturgical worship. The proof of this assertion may be found in the posthumous collection of his works entitled Words of Life on the Margin of Missal, which draws from Marmion’s doctrinal works as well as from his liturgical writings. I recommend this volume to all who are drawn to riches of the liturgical tradition and to the universal call to holiness.

Michael P. Foley, Professor of Patristics, Great Texts Program, Baylor University, Waco, Texas

Page count: 228

ISBN: 978-1-915544-06-3

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