Vidi Speciosam: Meditations on the Most Holy Rosary (Mother Mectilde)

The Cenacle Press at Silverstream Priory

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Meditations on the Most Holy Rosary in the words of Venerable Mother Mectilde of the Blessed Sacrament | Foreword by Monsignor Arthur B. Calkins | Published by The Cenacle Press at Silverstream Priory

Drawing on several beautiful sources to provide meditations on the 15 mysteries of the Most Holy Rosary, this small book is perfect for all those who wish to spend time in the silence of Our Lady. Throwing light upon the Mysteries of the Incarnation are passages Holy Scripture, the Divine Office, and the writings of the Benedictine Mystic and Reformer Mother Mectilde of the Blessed Sacrament (1614-1698). Not only providing eyes of the soul with something to contemplate, the text is elegantly typeset and accompanied by photographs of a medieval Madonna and Child to provide the eyes of the body something to rest on during prayer.

For each mystery of the Rosary, a passage from the Old Testament has been selected that speaks of that mystery in some way. Typeset on a dark background, the Old Testament passage is complimented on the facing page by a text usually taken from the New Testament or Divine Office and a paragraph or two from Mother Mectilde’s writings.

The collection is concluded with the prayer ‘Ave Maria, Filia Dei Patris’, written by St. John Eudes and adopted by Mother Mectilde for use in her monasteries. The prayer is given in Latin and a new English translation. A short biographical sketch of Mother Mectilde is also included.

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