This Present Paradise: A Spiritual Journey With St. Elizabeth of the Trinity (Dwyer)

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Decades before Vatican II called for the sanctification of the laity, St. Elizabeth of the Trinity prophetically claimed that holiness is not exclusively the domain of priests and nuns but is truly for everyone.


God created the human soul to be a special channel of His grace on earth and to serve as a unique image of His love. Few saints have spoken to hearts as acutely as St. Elizabeth of the Trinity, who has helped even the busiest, weariest, and most distracted of us create an inner chamber within our souls where we can rest in God s peace and love.

In this tender yet powerful book, author Claire Dwyer takes you on a spiritual journey with this little-known but fast-ascending saint. She shows you how to overcome aridity in prayer and discover ways to bring peace to familial relationships. You will learn how to identify and fulfill the specific mission God has for you and how to draw courage and meaning from the inevitable sufferings you will face.

Best of all, you will learn how to encounter and live in union with God, which opens up a sanctuary of peace within your soul.

The purpose of your life is not something to discover in the remote future. You can begin to live your ultimate end union with the Trinity right now in the secret center of your heart, where the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit already dwell. St. Elizabeth of the Trinity has revealed the way. Read this book, and you will see with new eyes that your eternal destiny is already living within you, in this present paradise.


"This Present Paradise is an invitation into the secret garden of prayer where we can find the truest desire of our hearts union with God." — Michelle Benzinger
Host of Abiding Together Podcast, Creative Director of Greenhouse Collective

"For the everyday busy woman, Claire Dwyer's book is a wonderful devotional to help you deepen your spirituality and find peace in this uncertain time. It s practical, easy, and for women of all ages!" — Crystalina Evert
Author, Speaker, Founder of Women Made New

"A beautiful guide into the profound life of Saint Elizabeth of the Trinity and shares just how much she has to offer us in our daily lives. The depth of spirituality and truth in this book is a well from which I will draw on again and again to learn from. The Lord truly wove a beautiful story through her life, and it leads me into a desire of longing in my own prayer life." — Jenna Guizar
Founder and Creative Director of Blessed is She

"St. Elizabeth of the Trinity is a gentle friend with a mighty voice, and Claire's introduction reveals a saint whose special wisdom you didn't know you needed." — Sonja Corbitt
Bible Study Evangelista

"I found myself not wanting to put the book down because of its engaging style. I highly recommend this book for Catholics who desire friendship with a saint who offers a treasury for our present generation. May this book spread far and wide because its contents are transformative and timeless." — Kathleen Beckman
Author of A Family Guide to Spiritual Warfare

"God calls us to Him through the small, seemingly insignificant moments of our life. Through beautiful reflections and her own story, Claire draws us deep into the heart of St. Elizabeth and the Heart of the Blessed Trinity. Don t miss this remarkable prayer through story." — Stephanie Burke
Executive Director of Avila Institute

"Claire Dwyer is a gifted storyteller who seamlessly weaves together scenes from her own life with the life of this beautiful young saint. This book is a biographical and spiritual journey that will leave you inspired and encouraged on your own path toward Heaven." — Danielle Bean
Author, Speaker, and Blogger

"The desire for home is built into all of us, but it never ends with four walls. Our longing, whether we know it or not, is to truly dwell with God in our own hearts. St. Elizabeth of the Trinity is a little-known saint, but her genius was to describe this mystery of the interior life. In This Present Paradise, Claire Dwyer acquaints us with this remarkable woman and allows the saint to open the door of our hearts to the unfathomable grace offered to each of us through an authentic relationship with God." — Carrie Gress
Author of Theology of Home

"I'm tremendously grateful to Claire Dwyer for introducing me in such a profound fashion to the life and teachings of St. Elizabeth of the Trinity. Much more than a biography, This Present Paradise invites the reader into a beautiful retreat as Dwyer weaves personal vignettes with stories of St. Elizabeth's journey. Eminently engaging, Dwyer's work here will impact many souls!" — Lisa M. Hendey
Author of I'm a Saint in the Making

"With Saint Elizabeth as her guide, Claire explores the reality that there is a sacred space within each of our soils, which is designed by the Holy Spirit, where we can hold constant vigil, even in the midst of the noise and chaos of the outside world. For all the times when we feel anxious or scared, we must remember that God is there to remind us time and again, that we are loved."
Terry Polakovic
Co-Founder of Endow

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