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The Weight of Belief (Pieper)

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By Josef Pieper

The Weight of Belief

In the essays collected in The Weight of Belief, Josef Pieper harmonizes philosophy and theology to show the relationship between God and man, grace and nature, revelation and reason, ultimately rebutting the notion that “the purpose of human existence lies in man’s liberation from his own nature and past, and his consequent freedom to make his own choices.” With essays spanning from 1965 to 1973—including “Not Words but Reality: The Sacrament of the Bread”; “What Is a Priest? An Urgent Effort at Clarification”; “What Does It Mean to Say ‘God Speaks’?”; “The Art of Not Yielding to Despair”; and “The Abuse of Language and the Abuse of Power”—The Weight of Belief paints a philosophical portrait of Pieper at his percipient, piquant best.

Man’s only meaningful response to revelation is faith.”  –Josef Pieper

Josef Pieper (1904–1997) was a prominent German Catholic philosopher, professor, and author. His many works include the outstanding Leisure, the Basis of Culture; Faith, Hope, Love; and What Catholics Believe.

Paperback: 326pp.

ISBN: 978-1949899498

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