The Little Book of the Holy Spirit (Jarrett)

The Little Book of the Holy Spirit (Jarrett)

Sophia Institute Press

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Meet the Holy Spirit - who dwells within you, loving you, sanctifying you, guarding you, and leading you in the ways of prayer and virtue

In these pages, Fr. Bede Jarrett helps you penetrate the great mystery of God's presence in our hearts. He explains the ineffable dignity that this presence of the Holy Spirit gives you, no matter how lowly your station or how small you may feel.

He shows you how to listen for the soft voice of the Spirit calling you from within, inviting you to know Him, to love Him, and to cooperate with Him in all things great and small.

No longer need you struggle alone. Let Fr. Jarrett show you how to grow close to the Holy Spirit - the Consoler - who Jesus sent to assuage your loneliness and renew your strength and your hope.

Among the things you'll learn in The Little Book of the Holy Spirit:

  • Why you mustn't be troubled when you can't feel the Spirit's presence in your soul
  • You can increase the presence of God's Spirit in your soul: what you must do
  • Why God's presence in your soul doesn't overwhelm your personality
  • How the dignity of each human soul depends on God's presence in it
  • Your vision of Heaven can start right away: learn how in these page
  • The gift of God that's greater than creation itself. Fr. Jarrett explains it
  • How the presence of God enables you to see everything in a new light
  • It's a fact, not a metaphor: you really participate in the divine nature
  • Can you hear God as He speaks to you constantly? You can learn how
  • Where to find the strength to do the right thing, day in and day out
  • "The fear of God": what it really means - and why it's a gift from God
  • Plus: many other topics to help you know the God who dwells within you

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