The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich (Schmöger)

The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich (Schmöger)

Angelico Press

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The Life of Anne Catherine Emmerich is the twelfth and final volume of the long-awaited “New Light on the Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich” series. This volume represents a condensed, edited, rearranged, supplemented, and retypeset edition of Rev. Carl E. Schmöger’s exhaustive biography of Anne Catherine, first published in English in 1885. For clarity of organization, much of this biography in its original form has been redistributed among other volumes of this series. An additional feature is the inclusion of a concise overview of Anne Catherine’s life translated from the work of Fr. Helmut Fahsel.The other volumes in the series include: a set consisting of First Beginnings and Mysteries of the Old Testament; five books on People of the New Testament, covering virtually every individual in the visions (approximately 250 in all); The Life of the Virgin Mary (including her Essene ancestry); Scenes from the Lives of the Saints (treating of 59 saints); and two volumes covering a multitude of separate themes, entitled Inner Life and Worlds of Soul & Spirit and Spiritual Works and Journeys.This series supplements an earlier Angelico publication: The Visions of Anne Catherine Emmerich, Books I–III. In 2009, Clemens Brentano’s original notes of Anne Catherine’s visions (in 38 notebooks) became readily accessible for the first time, and the present series incorporates much new material translated for the first time. With regard to both individuals and themes, every reference thus far located in the notes and in prior translations have been woven together, so the reader can find in one place almost all of what Anne Catherine had to say on each topic.

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