Roman Martyrology

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Paperback, 284 pages. Republished by Os Justi Press.

Publisher’s description:

This is the last edition of the traditional Martyrology published before the Second Vatican Council; hence it is the one that should be used in pursuance of Summorum Pontificum. A more expensive hardcover is available. This very small-sized book (without extra front matter or the lengthy index of names) is good for travelling or for those who simply wish to have the list of saints commemorated each day.

The Roman Martyrology commemorates all of the saints officially recognised for public cultus by the Catholic Church. This edition is the preconciliar Martyrology, current through the pontificate of Pope Pius XII; it is therefore ideal for use with the traditional Latin Mass and Roman Breviary. This pocket edition omits the prefatory material and the lengthy index of names and simply provides the daily readings, in English, from January 1st to December 31st.

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