Pierre-Julien Eymard: Priest of the Eucharist (Tesniere)

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From a young age, Pierre-Julien Eymard wanted nothing more than to be a priest. Once ordained, young Fr Eymard quickly developed a deep devotion to his Lord in the Holy Eucharist. Consumed by his great love, Fr Eymard devoted his life to increasing devotion to Jesus in all tabernacles. In this, he himself was formed into the “Priest of the Eucharist”. On account of his response to the grace of God, in the time that has elapsed since this book was first published in 1926, the Church has recognized in Fr Eymard a priest of surpassing merit and glorious sanctity, and so has elevated him to the altars of the Church and canonized him a saint.

In this biography of the “Priest of the Eucharist”, Fr Tesnière, a novice trained by St Pierre-Julien, showcases the prayerful devotion to the Most Blessed Sacrament that characterized St Eymard’s life. Through extensive quotations from St Eymard’s journal, Fr Tesnière charts Fr Eymard’s growth in holiness and ever-deepening love of the Lord. Culminating in an account of the beatification process, this book shows the immeasurable power of the Eucharist in forming souls to be like Christ, for St Eymard's life is nothing less than a luminous path for all souls who long to be permeated by the sanctity and love of the Most Blessed Sacrament.

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