The Life of Little Saint Placid

St Augustine's Academy

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Finally! A comic book for contemplatives! One comes away from the pages of this picture-book treatise on prayer with less a feeling that one has learned the life of a saint, and more with the feeling that one has gained true and lasting insight into the spiritual life. Because of its profundity and its shocking spiritual simplicity, this is one of the first books we give to men interested in the monastic life who visit Silverstream Priory.

The author, Mother Genevieve Gallois, began life as a violently anti-clerical artist in turn-of-the-century Paris, but after a spiritual crisis, she entered a Benedictine convent. Despite much suffering and misunderstanding caused by her superiors, she persevered in the monastic life. In her latter years, she began to write, and her most well-known book remains The Life of Little Saint Placid

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