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Holy Week - The Complete Offices in Latin and English

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386 pages | handsome buckram binding

Rev. Cabrol was the Abbot at St. Michael's in Farnborough England and the Prior of Saint Peter's in Solesmes France. He was one of the heirs to the great Liturgical revival begun by Dom Guéranger and the monks of Solesmes in France. This is the complete Divine Office for Holy Week at the time it was published in 1926. It is useful for those who celebrate the liturgical life of the Church according to the missals of 1962 or earlier.

Due to the date of its publication, it is particularly useful for those who are assisting at Holy Week liturgies celebrated according to the ‘pre-1955’ Holy Week ceremonies. Consequently, some of the services now held in the evening even when celebrated according to the pre-1955 Holy Week are placed in the morning in this book.

This book is especially valuable for its extensive commentary and explanation of the various rites and prayers which make up Holy Week.

Palm Sunday:

  • The Blessing of Palms and Procession

  • Mass

  • Vespers

  • Compline

Holy Monday:

  • Mass

Holy Tuesday:

  • Mass

Spy Wednesday:

  • Mass

  • Tenebrae of Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday:

  • Mass

  • Vespers

  • Stripping of the Altars

  • The Maundy or Washing of Feet

  • Blessing of Holy Oil

  • Tenebrae of Good Friday

Good Friday:

  • Mass of the Presanctified

  • Tenebrae of Holy Saturday

Holy Saturday:

  • Easter Vigil

  • Vespers

Easter Sunday:

  • Mass

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