Christ in His Mysteries (Marmion)

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This title features in a review on The Catholic World Report. Click here to find out a little about Marmion and his works!

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This centenary edition features:

  • Entirely re-typeset text
  • Corrected references
  • New translations of all of Marmion’s Latin quotations

“The mysteries of the God-Man are not only models which we must consider: they contain moreover within themselves treasures of merit and grace. By His almighty virtue, Christ Jesus, ever-living, produces the inward and supernatural perfection of His states in those who are moved by the desire of imitating Him and placing themselves in contact with Him by faith and love.”

Dom Columba Marmion’s classic work Christ the Life of the Soul aims at showing forth “the fundamental character of the Christian life, according to the Gospel, the Epistles of St Paul, and the conclusions of theological teaching.” Marmion wanted to emphasize that the “Christian life is essentially supernatural, and can only be found in Christ,” who is both the model and cause of all holiness. Christ in His Mysteries continues this teaching, demonstrating that Christ’s life is manifested to us in the mysteries of His incarnation. Marmion shows why Christ’s mysteries are ours: He lived them for us; in them He is our Exemplar; and in them He unites us with Himself.

Following the great feasts of the Liturgical year, Marmion treats of traits of the Person of Jesus, Who comes to redeem the world by His Sacrifice, contemplating the mysteries of the God-Man. Of these pages, Dom Marmion says: “Written for Him, they speak only of Him. May they further reveal to souls the secret of the love of a God who appeared amongst us! May they lead souls to drink more often at the fountains of living water which have sprung up, for our salvation and joy, from the pierced Heart of Jesus!”


This is one of those few books that needs to be republished again and again, to recall us to what the Christian life is all about.  By contemplating the central events or mysteries of Jesus' life, by entering into them liturgically, we become so truly his Body and Bride that we share in his very life.  In setting these mysteries before us with such clarity, Marmion guides us into and through that realm where we come to know Jesus not as mere onlookers peering back across the centuries, but from the inside of his life and love! -- Matthew Levering, James N. Jr. and Mary D. Perry Chair of Theology, Mundelein Seminary

Every Catholic should get to know the mind and heart of Blessed Columba Marmion (1858-1923). The Irish-born parish priest was a brilliant Thomist who was appointed Professor of Metaphysics at Holy Cross College in Clonliffe, Dublin at the early age of twenty-four. But Marmion had a remarkable love of sacred liturgy that was unusual for the time. His book Christ in His Mysteries is a marvelous reflection on the treasures of the traditional liturgical year, and Cenacle Press’s new printing recovers passages that were omitted from previous English editions. For the unadulterated voice of a great spiritual author, look no further than this volume. -- Michael P. Foley, Author Drinking with the Saints: The Sinner's Guide to a Holy Happy Hour

In Christ in His Mysteries, Blessed Columba Marion penetrates into the inmost heart of the Christian life—the mystery of God made man. With palpable simplicity and love, Blessed Marmion unfolds the significance of the Incarnation for every aspect of our lives. Through his eyes, we come to understand that the Church’s yearly liturgical cycle is not simply an hour on Sunday mornings, but a wellspring through which God’s life overflows into our Mondays and Tuesdays. This is a book to meditate upon and return to year after year for both new and mature Catholics alike, growing in Christ’s likeness with each cycle of grace. -- Melinda Nielsen PhD, Associate Professor of Classical Literature, Baylor University

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