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A Year’s Thoughts (Doyle)

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“What is it to be a saint? Does it mean that we must macerate this flesh of ours with cruel austerities, such as we read of in the life-story of some of God’s great heroes? [ …] No, no, the hand of God does not lead us all by that stern path of awful heroism to our reward above. […] But sweetly and gently would He lead us along the way of holiness by our constant unswerving faithfulness to our duty, duty accepted, duty done for His dear sake”. Father William Doyle S.J. (page 55).

Father William Doyle (1873-1917) is best known as the heroic Irish chaplain who gave his life while tending to the spiritual needs of troops in World War I. He was loved and revered by the soldiers, who regarded him as a saint.

In the years preceding his appointment to the Front, Father Doyle wrote many letters of spiritual guidance and copious retreat notes, and also kept a diary. His biographer, Father Alfred O’Rahilly, takes excerpts from these writings, and gives us a thought for each day of the year.

Challenging, but encouraging, these thoughts will lead to peace and holiness.

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