LACRIMOSA: Seven Dolours Rosary

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Handcrafted by the monks of Silverstream Priory with Jujube wood beads and cross, this Seven Dolours Rosary features seven groups of seven beads instead of decades. The Seven Dolours Rosary seems have been developed in the 13th century, and while methods and traditions for praying the Seven Dolours Rosary vary, all are meant to focus the mind and heart on the Seven Sorrow of Our Lady. It is, consequently, a prayer particularly suited to Lent and Passiontide.

According to some traditions, Our Lord’s crown of thorns was made from one of the varieties of jujube tree which is native to Palestine. The beads that our rosaries are made with are a deep, warm brown in colour and vary slightly in hue, some touched with a slightly lighter reddish brown. Their finish could be called ‘semi-gloss’.

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