15 Decade Handmade Rosary

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All fifteen-decades of the Most Holy Rosary! These beautiful rosaries, 114 cm (44.8 in) long, have jujube wood Ave and Pater beads. They are made with 8 cm (3 1/4 in) St. Benedict Crucifixes and strung on strong black cord.

Jujube Wood?

According to some traditions, Our Lord’s crown of thorns was made from one of the varieties of jujube tree which is native to Palestine. The beads that our rosaries are made with are a deep, warm brown in colour and vary slightly in hue, some touched with a slightly lighter reddish brown. Their finish could be called ‘semi-gloss’, although some batches have a more intense sheen.

Habit Rosary?

Although not exclusively made for religious, these rosaries are large enough and sturdy enough to make excellent habit rosaries! Whether you are a Dominican, Carmelite, Franciscan, or some other rosary-wearing religious, feel free contact us if you have questions as to the suitability of this rosary for your habit.

This item is blessed before it is shipped. If you do NOT want it blessed, please contact us.

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