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St Gregory's Book of Pastoral Care

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By St. Gregory the Great || Introduction by Daniel Keating, Ph.D.

Magnus—the Great—is a title perfectly befitting Pope Gregory I. Lauded by Pope Benedict XVI as “one of the greatest Fathers in the history of the Church,” Gregory was a man of deep faith, prodigious intellect, and immense compassion, with practically innumerable achievements in ecclesial and secular governance, social development, and spiritual authorship. Principal among the last, however, stands The Book of Pastoral Care. Dividing his guidance into four parts, Gregory explains the nature of the pastoral vocation; the essential qualities of the pastor; the true scope of pastoral ministry; and the necessity, in pastoral ministry, of unity with Jesus the High Priest in coming to serve, not to be served.

This man of God [Gregory the Great] shows us the true sources of peace, from which true hope comes. Thus, he becomes a guide also for us today. –Pope Benedict XVI

The Book of Pastoral Care, whose effects have been felt and borne fruit in every century since its original appearance, is reinvigorated in this freshly edited edition and remains a source of equal edification and delight for all the faithful in the present age.

Saint Gregory the Great (c. 540–604) reigned as pope from 590 to 604. A pre­eminent figure in the history of Christianity, Gregory left a lasting legacy for the Catholic Church and Western society more broadly, through his astute ecclesial reforms and political administrations, prolific spiritual and sacramental writings, and his zealous missionary work.

Paperback: 182pp.

ISBN: 978-1952826504

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