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Sermon in a Sentence: St. John Paul II

Baronius Press

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Hardback binding | 240 pages | Size:4½" x 6¾"

This handy little book contains hundreds of direct quotes and short sayings of St. John Paul II, arranged according to the Christian virtues and other spiritual topics, allowing the reader to encounter his thoughts about particular aspects of the Christian life in a more organized manner.

The first fifteen chapters are arranged under virtues corresponding to the classical Fifteen Mysteries of the Rosary, making this ideal for anyone to use for daily spiritual reading and inspiration. Reading these sayings while reciting the Rosary is like praying it with St. John Paul II, joining both prayer and the study of his writings in one great journey of advancing all the more in holiness and the love of God.

St. John Paul II canonized more saints than all of his predecessors combined to show that holiness is for all of the faithful. He wrote 14 encylicals and hundreds of other documents to help the Church remain faithful to the doctrinal and moral teaching received from the Apostles.Canonized in 2014, Pope John Paul II’s speeches and writings continue to be one of the main sources from which Catholics today draw their knowledge of the faith. He is also venerated for his defense of the family and the unborn.

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