Essays of a Catholic (Belloc)

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With a brand new foreword written by the author of Old Thunder: A Life of Hilaire Belloc, Joseph Pearce, The Cenacle Press is pleased to present this republication of the essays of the renowned author, Hilaire Belloc.

While many Catholics the world over have heard of the great Catholic literary lights of the last century, the great mythical creature of the "Chesterbelloc" stands out among the rest for wit, wisdom, and an unwearied defense of the Catholic Faith. However, while Chesterton has remained widely read and well-known, much less known is his dear friend, Hilaire Belloc. While Belloc was known in the early part of his life as a polemicist and, the present volume, published later in his writing career, shows Belloc at his finest as an essayist and apologist for the Catholic Faith.

Despite being written in the 1930s, the essays contained in this volume are no less pertinent today than they were when they were written. A brief glance at the table of contents is enough to see how Belloc's genius is on full display as he tackles issues from a vast array of subjects. His words are indeed a salutary antidote to the unreality that invades our lives. In this volume you can read about his thoughts on:

  • The New Paganism
  • Usury
  • Science as the Enemy of Truth
  • The Revival of Latin
  • The Catholic Church and the Modern State
  • And many more topics...

As a part of The Cenacle Press' Kells Collection, the volume is printed as a cloth back with sewn binding, and silk screen and gold foil stamping finish on the cover. It is a volume that all true book lovers will want to have in their library!

Page count: 288

ISBN: 978-1-915544-76-6

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