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Drumcliffe Round Tower Candle

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Nestled at the foot of the slopes of Benbulbin, in the heart “Yeats County”, the monastery of Drumcliffe is rich in history. Tradition has it that St. Colmcille founded the monastery there in the late 500’s. The monastery’s round tower is a simply built built structure which lends itself perfectly to our line of round tower candles—the details are exact!

In the Drumcliffe churchyard one can also find the simple gravestone of the famous poet W.B. Yeats with the epitaph, Cast a cold eye on life, on death, Horseman pass by!

Our Drumcliffe round tower candle is 23 cm (9 in) tall, and is made from 70% beeswax and 30% pure paraffin wax. Thank you for supporting our community through your purchases. May God reward you!

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